How do I update my Athena software?

You'll receive a push notification to let you know it's time to update Athena's software. Follow these steps to ensure a successful update (the whole process should take about a minute):

  1. Plug-in your Athena to charge
  2. Open the ROAR app & tap the Athena icon, then tap “Update Athena”
  3. Keep Athena plugged in and next to your phone until the update is complete

Voilà! Your Athena software is now updated :) 

If your Athena's lights stay on after you perform the update, it may have gone into "Lock" mode. To fix this, simply drain Athena's battery completely (should take an hour or two), and then plug it back in to charge. You'll know the battery is dead when the light's shut off and there is no haptic feedback when you press the button. After it dies and you plug it back in to charge, you should be all set!

If you have any issues pairing Athena after the update, perform the below instructions to re-pair:

1. Open up your Bluetooth settings and click "Forget this Device" for Athena

2. Open the ROAR Personal Safety app and click the Athena icon in the upper right hand corner. Click "Unpair Athena"

3. Press the button on Athena 10 times. After this step, you should see the rotating lights again

4. Open the app, and click the Athena icon again to pair Athena

One item to note is that during the pairing process you'll get a notification from Apple to ask for permission to pair the device two times. The first time it will disappear, and the second time you see it is the time you'll click "Ok."