What does the ROAR Personal Safety app do?

Check out this video to learn how the ROAR Personal Safety app works:

The ROAR Personal Safety app works in two ways:

1) With your Athena device. Pair your Athena to our mobile app via Bluetooth, designate your emergency contacts within the app, and, you’re ready to use Athena. When activated, Athena will communicate with our app on your smartphone to send distress messages with your location to your contacts.

2) As a stand alone application. Before you begin an activity, set a status in your ROAR app to let your contacts know what you’re doing and where you are. When you have an active status, your contacts can ask you to check in with them. And, when you’re in an emergency situation but find yourself without your Athena – or, if you don’t own one yet –, send out distress messages via the app.

The ROAR app also features Stories for Good™ that you can browse to stay updated on the latest news related to gender equality and find resources if you or a loved one has been the victim of violence, assault, or harassment.