Why does the app ask to access my media/photos, contacts, and Bluetooth?

The ROAR Personal Safety app requires several permissions to set-up your profile, pair your Athena with your phone, select your emergency contacts, and allow your contacts to provide help. Overall, the permissions allow Athena to function to its fullest potential.
Below is a full list of how they're used:
  • Media/photos: Your avatar is required to help identify you as the user and to distinguish your contacts from one another. It also requests access to your camera temporarily so that if you do not want to use a photo from your library, you can take a picture of yourself right then and there.
  • Contacts: We request access to your contact list to easily allow you to select the emergency contacts you want to be added to the ROAR app. Note: We never modify your contacts’ names or numbers.
  • Bluetooth: This is what connects Athena to your smartphone and the ROAR app. Without the Bluetooth connectivity, the Athena device would not be able to function and send messages to your contacts when triggered. Note: We do not alter any of your other permissions.
  • Location: The GPS must be enabled for your emergency contacts to see your location if an alarm is triggered.
Security and privacy are important to us and it's why we've ensured we built Athena to the highest standards possible. This is evidenced by an independent report that was recently released by Duo Security: https://duo.com/blog/bluetooth-and-personal-protection-device-security-analysis