A friend added me as their contact while using Athena. What do I do?

  • Follow the prompts to accept the invitation. If you need more time to decide about your commitment, you can resume the process at any time. You may receive reminders.
  • When your friend sets a status, you will receive an SMS link containing a note of your friend's current activity (i.e. "walking home") and GPS location. While the status is active, you can check-in, chat and respond to an alarm, if needed. Once your friend feels safe, you will receive an SMS that the status has ended
  • Use the check-in feature offered through the link to get a status update from your friend using Athena.
  • The ROAR Personal Safety app cannot currently contact 911. In case of emergency, you need to contact 911 directly with the location details.
  • It is important to discuss your role as a contact with your friend, especially in the event of an alarm. Make a plan so both of you will be prepared for any situation.
  • In order to provide the best support to your friends using Athena, be sure that notifications on your phone are enabled and that airplane mode is off.