Athena FAQs


If you're trying to pair Athena with a new phone and it's not working, try pressing Athena's button 10 times. The lights should begin to rotate after the 10th press and you should be able to pair with your new phone.  







You'll receive a push notification to let you know it's time to update Athena's software. Follow these steps to ensure a successful update (the whole process should take about a minute):

  1. Plug-in your Athena to charge
  2. Open the ROAR app & tap the Athena icon, then tap “Update Athena”
  3. Keep Athena plugged in and next to your phone until the update is complete

Voilà! Your Athena software is now updated :) 

If your Athena's lights stay on after you perform the update, it may have gone into "Lock" mode. To fix this, simply drain Athena's battery completely (should take an hour or two), and then plug it back in to charge. You'll know the battery is dead when the light's shut off and there is no haptic feedback when you press the button. After it dies and you plug it back in to charge, you should be all set!

If you have any issues pairing Athena after the update, perform the below instructions to re-pair:

1. Open up your Bluetooth settings and click "Forget this Device" for Athena

2. Open the ROAR Personal Safety app and click the Athena icon in the upper right hand corner. Click "Unpair Athena"

3. Press the button on Athena 10 times. After this step, you should see the rotating lights again

4. Open the app, and click the Athena icon again to pair Athena

One item to note is that during the pairing process you'll get a notification from Apple to ask for permission to pair the device two times. The first time it will disappear, and the second time you see it is the time you'll click "Ok."


Sometimes during an Athena software update the device will lock and display a light. Athena will reset after the battery has died and been recharged.

For iOS users, please follow the below directions:

  1. Unplug your Athena from the USB charger
  2. If the lights don’t turn off after 10 seconds, let the battery drain. This should take under an hour
  3. Once the battery has died and the lights are off, plug in your Athena to charge
  4. Within 30 seconds, Athena should connect with the ROAR Personal Safety App

If the above didn't work, you can perform a complete reset by following the below instructions:

  1. Go to “Settings” > “Bluetooth” > Select the “(i)” to the right of "ROAR Athena" > "Forget this Device” > “Forget Device”
  2. Open the ROAR app, tap the Athena icon, and tap “Unpair Athena”
  3. Press the button on Athena 10 times. After this step, Athena’s lights should rotate

Additionally, if you're trying to pair Athena with a new phone and still have the original phone it was paired with, follow these instructions to pair:

1. Pair Athena with the original phone and make sure Athena's software has been updated

2. After the software has been updated, open the ROAR Personal Safety app, tap the Athena icon in the upper right hand corner, and tap "Unpair Athena"

3. Download and open the ROAR app on the new phone, and follow the Athena pairing instructions




So you washed your Athena? If a cycle through the dryer didn't fix it, then follow the below steps to try and revive your soggy device. (Just kidding by the way, don't put your Athena in the dryer!)

1. Do not try to charge it. Charging Athena in this state could cause it to short circuit and break forever.

2. Put it in rice for 2-3 days

3. Leave it in a spot with good airflow for another day

4. Try pressing the button on Athena to see if it vibrates or lights up.

5. Charge Athena

If these steps don't work, reach out to us at so we can see what to do next. 


Athena uses your smartphone’s GPS to pinpoint your location, which is shared with your emergency contacts. Location accuracy is dependent on the strength of your cell phone coverage.

Check out this video to find out how to get started with your Athena:

See below for the Athena Quick Start Guide:

Download: ROAR Personal Safety App

The ROAR Personal Safety application helps you get more out of your Athena. It’s where you learn how to use and pair your device, manage your contacts, and connect with others when you feel unsafe. The app also offers the latest news related to gender equality and provides resources related to violence, assault and harassment.

  1. Search ‘ROAR Personal Safety’ and download the app
  2. Follow the instructions in the app to set up your Athena device
  3. Check and update your Athena if there is firmware update available

Please note that Athena may need to be charged before pairing.

Tell your loved ones
Talk to your contacts about adding them as an emergency contact and give them a heads-up on what you want them to do if they receive a distress message from you.

Practice: Using Athena

Alarm Mode
Press & hold for 3+ seconds

This mode is for immediately threatening situations when you want to set off a loud alarm and send distress messages to your emergency contacts.

Press 3 times in a row

This mode is for discreet situations when you feel uncomfortable or sense danger. Your emergency contacts will receive distress messages BUT no alarm will go off.

Practice these modes at least once a month while wearing Athena

Wear it confidently
Attach it to your clothing, bag, pocket, or wear it as a pendant. Find a location that feels natural to you. We recommend ensuring Athena is securely fastened. Also included is a pouch where you can store your Athena when not in use.