Contact FAQs

  • Follow the prompts to accept the invitation. If you need more time to decide about your commitment, you can resume the process at any time. You may receive reminders.
  • When your friend sets a status, you will receive an SMS link containing a note of your friend's current activity (i.e. "walking home") and GPS location. While the status is active, you can check-in, chat and respond to an alarm, if needed. Once your friend feels safe, you will receive an SMS that the status has ended
  • Use the check-in feature offered through the link to get a status update from your friend using Athena.
  • The ROAR Personal Safety app cannot currently contact 911. In case of emergency, you need to contact 911 directly with the location details.
  • It is important to discuss your role as a contact with your friend, especially in the event of an alarm. Make a plan so both of you will be prepared for any situation.
  • In order to provide the best support to your friends using Athena, be sure that notifications on your phone are enabled and that airplane mode is off.

We recommend having an open conversation with your friend to set and clarify expectations. Some guiding points for that conversation may include:

  • How should you respond to an alarm? You can text or call your friend, or place a call directly to authorities with their location. Talking through scenarios will help you clarify your role in responding.
  • How does your friend use their Athena? Understanding context will make it easier for you to assist. For example: Are they on a date, or using their Athena for a run? Your response may differ.

You cannot opt out of being an emergency contact once you are signed up. If you need to be removed, please reach out to your friend to take you off their list. You can also disable notification messages, but we encourage you to tell the user so they aren’t relying on you for support.

We designed the contact experience so you do not need to download the app.

You can contact your friend via the chat function from the link you received, standard SMS, or phone call. If their device is activated, they may not be looking at their phones, so response from them may be limited.

We do keep the information of contacts separate from our primary mailing list in order to send you resources directly related to your role. We value and respect your privacy and will never share your information with anyone else.


The ROAR Personal Safety app requires several permissions to set-up your profile, pair your Athena with your phone, select your emergency contacts, and allow your contacts to provide help. Overall, the permissions allow Athena to function to its fullest potential.
Below is a full list of how they're used:
  • Media/photos: Your avatar is required to help identify you as the user and to distinguish your contacts from one another. It also requests access to your camera temporarily so that if you do not want to use a photo from your library, you can take a picture of yourself right then and there.
  • Contacts: We request access to your contact list to easily allow you to select the emergency contacts you want to be added to the ROAR app. Note: We never modify your contacts’ names or numbers.
  • Bluetooth: This is what connects Athena to your smartphone and the ROAR app. Without the Bluetooth connectivity, the Athena device would not be able to function and send messages to your contacts when triggered. Note: We do not alter any of your other permissions.
  • Location: The GPS must be enabled for your emergency contacts to see your location if an alarm is triggered.
Security and privacy are important to us and it's why we've ensured we built Athena to the highest standards possible. This is evidenced by an independent report that was recently released by Duo Security:

You can download the ROAR Personal Safety app by searching ROAR Personal Safety in the iPhone app store or Android Google Play store.

Alternatively, you can click the below link to download:

iOS ROAR Personal Safety

Android ROAR Personal Safety

You can download the Android app by searching ROAR Personal Safety in the Google Play store or by clicking here.



When you share your status, your approved contacts will receive an SMS text with your status and a link to see your GPS location. You can personalize your status based on what you’re doing. Some examples are: “Going for a run! Can you watch over me?,” “Heading home from the bar,” or “Taking a hike in the woods, will check-in when I’m back!”. Your friends can request an update and you can reply via the app (but they don’t need the app to see your status or location). When you no longer need to share your location (i.e. when you have completed your activity), simply open the app, click the x in the top left corner, and press the “Stop Sharing. I’m Safe!” button to let them know you made it back safely.   

Check out this video to learn how the ROAR Personal Safety app works:

The ROAR Personal Safety app works in two ways:

1) With your Athena device. Pair your Athena to our mobile app via Bluetooth, designate your emergency contacts within the app, and, you’re ready to use Athena. When activated, Athena will communicate with our app on your smartphone to send distress messages with your location to your contacts.

2) As a stand alone application. Before you begin an activity, set a status in your ROAR app to let your contacts know what you’re doing and where you are. When you have an active status, your contacts can ask you to check in with them. And, when you’re in an emergency situation but find yourself without your Athena – or, if you don’t own one yet –, send out distress messages via the app.

The ROAR app also features Stories for Good™ that you can browse to stay updated on the latest news related to gender equality and find resources if you or a loved one has been the victim of violence, assault, or harassment.

Check out this video to find out how to get started with your Athena:

See below for the Athena Quick Start Guide:

Download: ROAR Personal Safety App

The ROAR Personal Safety application helps you get more out of your Athena. It’s where you learn how to use and pair your device, manage your contacts, and connect with others when you feel unsafe. The app also offers the latest news related to gender equality and provides resources related to violence, assault and harassment.

  1. Search ‘ROAR Personal Safety’ and download the app
  2. Follow the instructions in the app to set up your Athena device
  3. Check and update your Athena if there is firmware update available

Please note that Athena may need to be charged before pairing.

Tell your loved ones
Talk to your contacts about adding them as an emergency contact and give them a heads-up on what you want them to do if they receive a distress message from you.

Practice: Using Athena

Alarm Mode
Press & hold for 3+ seconds

This mode is for immediately threatening situations when you want to set off a loud alarm and send distress messages to your emergency contacts.

Press 3 times in a row

This mode is for discreet situations when you feel uncomfortable or sense danger. Your emergency contacts will receive distress messages BUT no alarm will go off.

Practice these modes at least once a month while wearing Athena

Wear it confidently
Attach it to your clothing, bag, pocket, or wear it as a pendant. Find a location that feels natural to you. We recommend ensuring Athena is securely fastened. Also included is a pouch where you can store your Athena when not in use.