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User privacy is of the utmost concern for us. We use 256-bit SSL encryption to secure all communications between the ROAR application and our backend. This is the same technology used by banks and government agencies. Our server infrastructure is regularly updated with the latest security updates and protected by a firewall.

The Athena device is water-resistant, which means it is rain and splash-proof. It is not waterproof and submerging your device in water is not recommended.

Athena will be able to pair with iPhones operating on iOS 8 & later as well as Androids 6.01 and up. 

We are working toward engineering a solution that allows Athena to initiate a phone call when alarm mode is activated. More updates on this functionality will be available by Summer of 2017. It will be pushed live via an update through mobile application and it does NOT require a separate Athena purchase.